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Mission Statement: 

CrossFit Elk River is where Real People get Real Results, the Right way with a supportive community of members and knowledgeable coaches/trainers. We believe that something worth having is worth working for. We believe that being healthy and fit is a lifestyle and we assist our members in living that lifestyle with our "Magic Pill".

Our "Magic Pill" is: commitment, consistency, community, variety, and intensity, in a safe, fun and comfortable atmosphere where  goals are encouraged and supported. The other part of that magic pill is, of course, healthy nutrition. We make a huge effort to educate our members in the big, confusing world of proper nutrition as that is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

CAUTION: Side effects of our "Magic Pill" may include...
better functional movement, strength, flexibility and mobility, better balance and coordination, cardio endurance, more energy and stamina, feelings of happiness and self confidence, a toned and hard body, clear and healthy skin, a feeling that you can accomplish anything.

CAUTION: This "Magic Pill" is highly addictive


Meet the Owners!                                                                                                                             

     Chris and Mary have over 40+ years combined experience in Fitness and Martial Arts and when introduced to CrossFit a few years ago there was no question that this was their next path. "The premise of what we were already doing at our 14+ year fitness business (varied, high intensity, functional fitness classes) was right in line with what CrossFit is all about and we were so excited we could finally put a name to it and be a part of an outstanding community! A community where everyone is included & everyone knows your name. A place where you are supported and encouraged to reach your goals whatever they may be... to lose weight, gain strength, increase mobility, transform your body, have a more functional body, cross-train for any sport/activity, or just to look good naked :)"

They made a pact several years ago.... "Fitness for life"! They know that intense exercise and healthy eating are the "fountain of youth" and key for longevity... and yes, they WILL be throwing barbells/kettlebells around and doing burpees well into their 90's and maybe even 100's!!

Yes, some think they are at the "crazy" end of the fitness and nutrition spectrum and they are just fine with that as this is their true passion. With over 40+ years combined experience in fitness, nutrition and martial arts they are 100% committed to assisting their members to reach  their goals with support, motivation, safe and friendly atmosphere with great classes and always keeping up with and sharing  the latest information in the field of fitness and nutrition.


CrossFit Elk River
16802 US Hwy 10
Elk River, Mn 55330
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